About LinguaCam

LinguaCam is a digital platform, an extensive repository of original videos made by students. The project aims to encourage MML students to document their intercultural experiences and develop their linguistic competence whilst also becoming autonomous creators of content. It can help prepare for and reflect on the Year Abroad which is an integral part of the MML degree. Thanks to a very generous donation we were able to design this project observing the donor’s remit to develop “methods of teaching languages which embrace grammar along with fluency”.

LinguaCam offers appropriate tools for independent or guided language practice such as composing and comparing translations and transcriptions.

It is also a source for language teaching material, a stimulus for discussions on culture and an archive for future reference. Creating a sense of community for the Faculty in general and particularly for students on their Year Abroad is central to LinguaCam. Users build up their own profiles, reviewing and editing their work and that of others and thereby documenting their very own linguistic progression and inter-cultural journey. LinguaCam lends itself equally well to working in teams as well as individually and will prepare MML students for life beyond Cambridge.

LinguaCam: Capture the moment, Translate the World

LinguaCam aims to build students’ confidence in using a foreign language and improve their skills with tech tools (such as cameras and editing software). LinguaCam will showcase MML students using their languages and learning about cultures all over the world in a variety of situations. LinguaCam will also help connect MMLL with schools in outreach events.

The project follows trends in Language Learning and Technology related to the creative potential of the social web, the mobility of small devices, and democratically generated content — with students aided by their teachers taking an active role in the whole process.

At a future stage we hope to roll out LinguaCam to other Faculties in the University of Cambridge, widening the network between students interested in sharing resources and learning.

The University is a place of intellectual and intercultural encounters: People at the University of Cambridge are diverse, from different social, cultural, geographical and linguistic backgrounds. At the core of LinguaCam lies a commitment to share and connect: Cambridge sends out its students into the world and welcomes people from across the globe. By registering intercultural experiences, the users of LinguaCam help to build this cultural capital.

LinguaCam: Capture the moment, Translate the World

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